Weight Training

Weight Training

If you train with weights, then limit the workout to 60 minutes in duration. 30-45 minutes is ideal. Going over the 60 minute threshold is tricky as more of the

Calisthenics and Cardio Workouts

Forget the weights. Learn and grow to master your own body weight. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and abs are all the exercise routines one needs for chiseling the body. Add 30

Abs Workouts

I have reviewed different schools of thought on how often you should workout your abs. Some say daily. Others only 2-3 times a week. Here is my opinion. If you

Aerobic Exercise

Cardio exercise is the only way one can exercise the heart muscles. The heart is strengthened indirectly through the usage of the large muscles in the body: legs and back


When exercising, find a buddy to exercise together. Or join a group class. Having a partner (or partners) when exercising functions as an effective accountability tool.

Swimming Workout 08.31.13

2,000 yards in 60 mins 250 free – warm up breath every 3 250 free – drills, kicks, mix breast, fly, free 1,000 free – work on roll, rhythm, longer

Swimming Workout 08.30.13

2,000 yards (60-75 mins) 250 free warm up (breath 3) 250 breaststroke 250 free drills mix 250 kicks mix (free, fly, breast) 500 free (timed) 250 free sprints (100, 75,

Swimming Workout 08.29.13

2,000 yards 200 warm up free (breath 3) 200 breast 200 fly (50, 50, 50, 50) 200 fly kick w fins 200 free kick w fins 200 breaststroke kick 200

Andrei Duta’s Wednesday Workout – 07/31/2013

Morning Pull-ups and push-ups warm up 2,000 meters (90 minutes) 250 free warm up 250 free long hip driven breathe every 3 250 free sprints shoulder driven (100, 50, 50,