Don’t work for money, let money work for you.

Andrei Duta

Andrei is Vice President of Sales/Investments at Wes Walters Realty, Inc. He represents Sellers/Buyers in commercial, industrial, and residential deals. Also, Andrei is a partner in syndication deals where he concentrates on investing, fundraising, and client relations.

In addition, Andrei and his partners focus on acquiring debt strategically, negotiating terms/rates, determining cash flow at partner/investor levels, deal negotiating, site selecting, asset valuating, financial forecasting, analyzing profitability/feasibility, and determining “go/no-go.”


Seek to be a problem solver and a solution finder, first and foremost.

Andrei Duta

Andrei serves as advisor to a group of CEOs/business owners in several industries: aftermarket automotive (accessories, leather interiors, safety), industrial paint (manufacturing, exporting), technology, real estate, and energy.

Andrei focuses on leadership/governance, communication/negotiations, strategy, and business development matters. He seeks to creatively orchestrate resources to solve problems and create value for his partners. Andrei’s motto is “lead with service.”


It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Acts 20:35

For Andrei and his business associates, success in the marketplace is not an end in itself but a means to greater ends. Their business ventures provide the platform for philanthropic initiatives. Business is fundraising to support worthy causes.

His Little Ones, Inc. (HLO) was launched in 2001 by Andrei and a group of trusted business partners/friends. HLO provides for the spiritual and physical needs of children in several orphanages in Bucharest, Romania.


Give, and it shall be given to you.

Luke 6:38

LiveOak Microfinance Program provides financial and inspirational support to former inmates eager to get a start in life and reintegrated into society. Interest-free microloans provide the means for work related resources or seed money for small enterprises launched by budding entrepreneurs.

The program also provides mentoring and coaching. For recipients who do not start their own businesses, the program helps find and secure employment. Andrei launched LiveOak Microfinance Program in partnership with Freedom Church in 2012.


Andrei is a philanthropist, a man of integrity, and a strategic thinker. He encourages and inspires individuals and organizations to reach their maximum potential and make this world a better place.

Jennifer Whitley, Chair, Youth Development Center


If I can describe Andrei in one word, that word must be “excellence.” Andrei exudes a spirit of excellence in everything that he does, is, and represents.

Aaron Forrister, CEO, Roadwire, Inc.


Andrei’s ability to seek out and connect with resourceful people is amazing. He is a strategic thinker and problem solver.

Kathleen Tims, President, TCI Coatings, Inc.


Andrei is a man of vibrant faith and sound character. Andrei has a great life mission.

Lawrance Goshorn, CEO, Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems, Inc.


Andrei is full of passion. Whether it is with his own business, leading, teaching, or helping others personally, Andrei is always passionate.

Marianne McCullough, Entrepreneur


Through consistent humanitarian efforts for over a decade, Andrei demonstrates to be a generous man, always exuding elegance and grace.

Dwight Forrister, Chairman, Roadwire, Inc.


Without exception, Andrei proves to be an inspirational leader whose bright intellect is surpassed only by his golden heart.

Rezarta Stefani Malcolm, MBA, His Little Ones, Inc. Board Member


Andrei has a very compassionate heart and a very generous spirit. Andrei has a natural inclination to serve and honor others.

Robert Stephens, MBA, His Little Ones, Inc. CFO


Andrei exhibits integrity and honesty in his business and personal dealings. Andrei extends himself to work in the best interests of others.

Mark Patterson, Founder & Pastor, Freedom Church


Andrei Duta is a man of deep talent and rock-solid convictions who desires to contribute to the betterment of others.

Bryan Flanagan, CEO, Flanagan Training Group