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grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel…[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”55px”][/vc_column][vc_column align=”” class_type=”md” width=”1/2″ animation=”” animation_delay=”” animation_duration=””][vc_column_text]As Sir Isaac Newton once wrote, if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am grateful for my business associates and ministry partners. I also salute and give thanks to the wise mentors in my life. I am surrounded by towering giants with hearts of service who inspire and help me be the best that I was destined to be.

– Dr. Andrei Duta[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row background=”3908″ fluid=”no” padding=”pt-70 pb-70 pt-xs-50 pb-xs-50″ margin=”no-margin” attachment=”fixed”][vc_column width=”1/1″ class_type=”md” offset=”vc_hidden-sm vc_hidden-xs”][rs_space height=”55px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row attachment=”scroll” fluid=”no” padding=”pt-70 pb-70 pt-xs-50 pb-xs-50″ margin=”no-margin”][vc_column class_type=”md” width=”1/1″][rs_blockquote cite=”Kathleen Tims, President, TCI Coatings, Inc.”]STRATEGY

I have known Andrei for several years, first through a prison ministry and now as a business-development partner.  His ability to seek out and connect with resourceful people is amazing.  He is a strategic thinker and problem solver.  Because of Andrei’s strong faith, he is a man of honesty and integrity and he is generous.  I have enjoyed knowing and working with Andrei both in ministry and business.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Aaron Forrister, CEO, Roadwire, Inc.”]EXCELLENCE

I am amazed to see how God uses Andrei and his gifts to make a significant difference in the marketplace. As a trusted advisor, Andrei proves to be an effective problem solver, a superb communicator, and a masterful negotiator. As a friend, Andrei is a constant source of encouragement. If I can describe Andrei in one word, that word must be “excellence.” Andrei exudes a spirit of excellence in everything that he does, is, and represents.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Jennifer Whitley, Chair, Youth Development Center”]INSPIRATION

I have known Andrei for over two decades. Andrei and I have collaborated on business and charitable projects throughout the years. Andrei is a philanthropist, a man of integrity, and a strategic thinker. He encourages and inspires individuals and organizations to reach their maximum potential and make this world a better place.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Lawrance Goshorn, CEO, Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems, Inc.”]FAITH

As Andrei’s pastor, spiritual director, and mentor, it is a joy to see him flourish spiritually and professionally. Andrei is a man of vibrant faith and sound character. He has a great life mission. Andrei has accomplished much in the past, and I know that he will achieve even more in the future.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Dwight Forrister, Chairman, Roadwire, Inc.”]GRACE

I have helped and partnered with Andrei in launching His Little Ones, Inc. in 2001. Through consistent humanitarian efforts for over a decade, Andrei demonstrates to be a generous man, always exuding elegance and grace.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Rezarta Stefani Malcolm, MBA, His Little Ones, Inc. Board Member”]LEADER

I have served with Andrei on the board of His Little Ones for almost a decade. Together we are helping hundreds of abandoned children. Without exception, Andrei proves to be an inspirational leader whose bright intellect is surpassed only by his golden heart.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Bryan Flanagan, CEO, Flanagan Training Group”]SERVICE

Andrei Duta possesses the qualities necessary for success. Having known Andrei for more than 14 years, I feel qualified to provide evidence to support this statement. He is a “there you are” type person. Meaning, he is focused on others and how he can contribute to their success and well-being. Andrei understands human dynamics and what is required to build harmony and productivity on teams. He achieves this by focusing on the needs and concerns of his teammates. In his interactions with others, Andrei is straightforward and candid in his communications. He will not sugar-coat an issue just to be accepted. He will shine the light on the truth so that issues are addressed and problems are solved. Andrei has a rare ability to balance his drive to succeed with the desire to help others succeed as well. It is a very difficult task to achieve this balance: drive for success and empathy for others. Yet, Andrei does it in a positive and professional manner. He understands that as he develops and helps others, he too will grow. The good news: others seek Andrei’s leadership. The bottom line: Andrei Duta is a man of deep talent and rock-solid convictions who desires to contribute to the betterment of others.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Mark Patterson, Founder & Pastor, Freedom Church”]INTEGRITY

I know Andrei to be an energetic, enthusiastic, and “can-do” man. He exhibits integrity and honesty in his business and personal dealings. Andrei extends himself to work in the best interests of others. I know him to be gracious and generous, especially when it comes to helping others.  Andrei truly cares for others. He has great skills in terms of networking and connecting people. He is very comfortable and effective in communicating his beliefs and ideas. I consider Andrei to be a friend and a trusted confidant. Anyone will benefit by his/her association with this man of integrity.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Marianne McCullough, Entrepreneur”]PASSION

Andrei is full of passion. Whether it is with his own business, leading, teaching, or helping others personally, he is always passionate. Also, Andrei is truly a godly man who exemplifies integrity. He honors his word and constantly looks for ways to serve others. Andrei is selfless and caring. He listens with his heart, and he is a problem solver who consistently finds solutions to people’s challenges. Andrei is that resourceful. I will close by stating that Andrei is one of the most generous persons I’ve ever known! The bottom line, my husband William and I are truly blessed to call Andrei a dear friend.[/rs_blockquote][rs_space height=”100px”][rs_blockquote cite=”Robert Stephens, MBA, Adjunct Professor of Management at St. Edwards University, International Business Researcher & Analyst at Motive, His Little Ones, Inc. CFO”]HONOR

Andrei has a very compassionate heart and a very generous spirit. I have personally observed and experienced these two qualities on many occasions throughout the years. Andrei has a natural inclination to serve and honor others. He is committed to excellence, strives for excellence, and embodies a spirit of excellence. Andrei definitely employs the Japanese philosophy of “kaizen,” or continuous improvement, in every area of his life. Also, he is an avid lifelong learner who strives to maximize his potential and personal development. I am inspired by these qualities. Lastly, and most importantly, Andrei pursues humility and dying to self as a means to experience the fullness of life that God promises and to give life to others.[/rs_blockquote][/vc_column][/vc_row]