A Brief Reflection on Gratitude

A Brief Reflection on Gratitude

Last week a friend told me he was keeping a gratitude list. He had recalled so many moments, events, trips, gifts, people and conversations for which he was thankful; he

Love and Laughter: A Tribute to Randy King

Love and Laughter: A Tribute to Randy KingA Celebration of the Life of Randy King August 5th, 2014 – San Antonio, Texas WELCOME Good morning family and friends. We are

Chicken Whisperer

I went to a farm and chicken just started to fly into my arms. One first and then another. Kidding you not. Either my cologne is a chick magnet or they just knew


When exercising, find a buddy to exercise together. Or join a group class. Having a partner (or partners) when exercising functions as an effective accountability tool.

Gates ‘mingles’ with student leaders

Andrei Duta, assistant lecturer in group communications and Melrose management, put together the opportunity for student leaders to dine and converse with Texas A&M President Robert Gates. The students were

What Matters More

Parents and I had a marvelous day yesterday. I surprised mom with a b-day party at a friend’s house here in Austin. Mom cried with joy as she arrived late