Be willing to give more than what’s expected and to receive less than what you deserve. That’s how you lead with service.

Dr. Lawrence Goshorn, Chairman & CEO of Gantz-Mountain

Andrei views success in the marketplace not as an end in itself but rather as a means to changing the world for the better. Philosophically and practically, Andrei observes that a higher purpose in business positively impacts people, planet, processes, products, and, also, profits. Leading with service is the success formula in business, in life. True leadership is service. It is through meaningful service that lives are touched, people are developed, companies are transformed, and legacies are built.

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Andrei’s calling is to serve business leaders and help them be successful at the helm of their respective organizations. Andrei works in a strategic advisory capacity with the owners of several privately held companies including the ones listed below.

Family-owned and operated since 1969, Roadwire is a company that manufactures OEM-styled leather-trimmed interiors and patented technology designed to enhance comfort and safety for the next generation of automobiles. The company provides the highest quality products on the market while maintaining stringent safety standards.

TCI Coatings, Inc. is a second generation, family-owned, woman-owned, and Texas-based industrial paint manufacturing company. The company, founded in 1959 and with over five decades of experience, manufactures a full line of protective and decorative coatings for a wide variety of substrates exposed to all types of conditions.

Wes Walters Realty, Inc. is a full-service real estate brokerage firm providing Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Investment, and Property Management services since 1987.

GMIA, Inc. is a privately held, family-owned, California-based technology company specializing in software development and hardware manufacturing.