FALL 2014 Training Routine — September through December

FALL 2014 Training Routine — September through December

FALL 2014 Training Routine -- September through DecemberPeople sometimes ask what my workout routine is. For this fall, here is my plan: Sun (Swim/NSP day) Swim (1200+ yards), SCR, NSP*

Sun, Sweat, and Vitamin D

Sunlight exposure is the best way to get Vitamin D. The body regulates naturally the quantity of Vitamin D produced from sunlight. The process is complex and deals with cholesterol

Aerobic Exercise

Cardio exercise is the only way one can exercise the heart muscles. The heart is strengthened indirectly through the usage of the large muscles in the body: legs and back

Five-Word Formula

The formula for losing fat in five words: “eat less and exercise more.”  It is all a numbers game. How many hours per day are you spending in the gym?

Goodbye Sugar

Say no to sugar. Refined sugar is one of the worst inventions of the human civilization. To satisfy your sweet tooth, consider honey, agave, or maple syrup (or dried fruit,

Healthy Living Disciplines

If there are four essential disciplines to maintaining top level physical health, I would list: 1. Eat an apple a day. Everyday. It makes a difference. 2. Drink at least

What is Fasting?

Fasting is the willingness to abstain from food and/or drinking for a duration of time. People choose to do this for a number of reasons, including spiritual and health. Fasting

Sleep is Essential!

It is a well known fact that sleep is highly beneficial to your health. According to a recent article by the Harvard Medical School, not getting an adequate amount of sleep

Stay Hydrated!

Just because the summer has come and gone doesn’t mean we should be pushing away water as the temperatures continue to fall. Although we may not feel nearly as overheated

Swimming Workout 08.21.13

Swimming Workout 08.21.13 1,200 meters (45 mins) 200 m free (breathe three) warm up 100 m fly 100 m free sprint 100 m breast easy 50 m free sprint 50