Stay Hydrated!

Andrei DutaJust because the summer has come and gone doesn’t mean we should be pushing away water as the temperatures continue to fall. Although we may not feel nearly as overheated or sweating as much, water should continue to be consumed on a daily basis.

I came across an article¬†that talked about the benefits of being hydrated. We are constantly losing fluid throughout the day during every season of the year because of things like “breathing and evaporation of from the skin.” Water has numerous benefits such as balancing body fluids, makes your skin look nicer, and can help you control your calorie intake. Sometimes people aren’t conscious of the fact that they are thirsty. Other times, people will choose to eat then have a drink of water. Often, people are merely thirsty and they don’t need a full meal to satisfy their urge.

According to Glamour.com, there a few tips to get you to drink more during the day. The first is to “bring back the water-cooler conversation.” Throughout the day, take a walk to the water-cooler, socialize with coworkers and drink water. Of course don’t take too many trips – you wouldn’t want to impact your productivity. But, getting out of your seat and moving around every once and a while can boost morale and create a more social environment at work. On your trip around the office stop at the water-cooler!

The second tip is “enhance it.” Some people choose to not drink water because they simply don’t like it. There are so many calorie-free flavor additives for water. These can help give you that extra push so you’ll consume more.

Another tip is “be committed.” Telling yourself you will drink this amount of water a day will give you a goal and it will be up to you to do it. Maybe throw in a little reward to give yourself more of reason to do so. For instance, if you drink X amount of water then you’ll watch an episode of your favorite show before you go to bed.

These are just a few tips that will get you drinking water throughout the day, because after all, it is the healthiest option and it provides many benefits.