Road Trip: Goodness and Forgiveness

Road Trip: Goodness and Forgiveness

Q: Dear Andrei, I’ve been dealing with resentment. My closest friend turned against me and threw me under the bus. I can’t explain the hurt and pain I feel down

Success In The Marketplace

Q: Dear Andrei, What is success in the marketplace? Best, Monique A: Dear Monique, For me success in the marketplace is a means to greater ends. My faith informs my

A Business That Gives Back

Q: Dear Andrei, What are some of the companies that you admire out there? Why? What is the criteria that you use in evaluating and appreciating these businesses? Best, Amanda

Affirmation During Challenging Times

Q: Dear Andrei, Is there a scripture or a Bible story that provides greater affirmation for you during challenging times? I’ve been traversing a dark valley during this recent season

Swimming Workouts

Swimming is the ultimate workout. If people had access to a pool or body of water I’m sure more people would choose to swim over other workouts. It is relaxing,