A Business That Gives Back

Q: Dear Andrei,
What are some of the companies that you admire out there? Why? What is the criteria that you use in evaluating and appreciating these businesses? Best, Amanda

A: Dear Amanda,

There are several companies that come to mind. I will highlight one at this time.

Roadwire (RWDR) is a premier aftermarket automotive solutions company based in Austin, Texas. The main reason that I admire this company is due to its leadership. Aaron Forrister, the CEO of Roadwire, improved the corporate bylaws during his first 30 days on the job at the beginning of this year. The bylaw change accounts for giving away 10% of the profits to charitable organizations. Aaron is an effective leader who was able to inspire his entire company to rally behind the new corporate mission statement:

“Our mission at Roadwire is to bridge the gap between the needs of humanity and the resources of business.”

Aaron’s focus transcends the automotive industry. He and his company think globally and look for ways to truly make this world a better place. Whether sponsoring medical missions, taking care of orphans, supplying resources for microfinance programs, or digging water wells, Roadwire is an enlightened company that understands how “doing good” leads to “doing well.”

Best, Andrei