Swimming Workouts

Swimming is the ultimate workout. If people had access to a pool or body of water I’m sure more people would choose to swim over other workouts. It is relaxing, therapeutic and it works out most parts of your body simultaneously. Here is my morning swim routine:
100-Kick on side with arm extended.  Alternate sides by 25.
100-Catch up.
100-Parallel catch up.
100-10-3-10. 10 Kicks 3 strokes 10 kicks.
100-Fingertip drag.
:20 rest between 100’s.


4×100-DPS and use kickboard between legs to pull. Distance per stroke.  Count your strokes and try to match or swim less.
:20 rest between 100’s.

4×75-Kick drill swim.  Kick in a streamline, your choice of drill and then swim.  Put it all together.
:10 rest.

on 1:15.

on :30.

Choice cool down

1,500 Short course yards