Corporate Social Responsibility

Andrei DutaI came across a great article that talks about corporate social responsibility.

“Corporate social responsibility is everything that happens around us, and we are all an integral, indispensable and probably the most important part of it, as the whole of our planet may be viewed as one large corporation.” – Alexander Vinogradov

It is important to recognize that companies can have a great impact on their surrounding communities and country. As a corporation, aside from generating business, they are responsible for helping their employees through pension plans, health benefits, among other things. In addition, firms can help finance other initiatives including playgrounds, sports fields, schools, nurseries, etc. As Deputy CEO, Alexander Vinogradov of Pepeliaev Group is highly involved in the process of corporate social responsibility. His company provides various benefits to employees and implements socially oriented projects. These projects include assisting the Kremlin Museums Support Fund and the Regional Public Organization of Disabled People. In addition, the company helps the Russian State Library and State Historical Museum in an effort to aid in the restoration of historical documents and “preserve the national intellectual legacy.”

Corporate Social Responsibility should be a constant and serious initiative for any company. Outside of the workplace office lies a world that is in need of help. If not within your immediate reach, opportunities to help and make a difference could be found in other countries. Aiding in different social initiatives will not only shape positively your own company culture but will also cast your organization in a positive light with outside stakeholders. It is important to wisely steward both your personal and business resources in a way that will impact the world positively.