Redefining Philanthropy

Redefining Philanthropy

In one decade, John Arnold accumulated a fortune of 4 billion dollars. Introverted, and mild-mannered, few people would guess he is a former Wall Street hedge fund titan. Ever since

Corporate Social Responsibility

I came across a great article that talks about corporate social responsibility. “Corporate social responsibility is everything that happens around us, and we are all an integral, indispensable and probably the most important part

Dependence On God

DEPENDENCE ON GOD – 6/30/13 I came across this devotional from Jesus Calling. A powerful message. A powerful reminder to trust and rely on God in all circumstances. Let My

Road Trip: Goodness and Forgiveness

Q: Dear Andrei, I’ve been dealing with resentment. My closest friend turned against me and threw me under the bus. I can’t explain the hurt and pain I feel down

Affirmation During Challenging Times

Q: Dear Andrei, Is there a scripture or a Bible story that provides greater affirmation for you during challenging times? I’ve been traversing a dark valley during this recent season