Microsoft Becomes Consumer-Oriented Company In Wake of Departing CEO

Andrei DutaAccording to a recent article on BuzzFeed, Microsoft is acquiring the devices and services division of Nokia, which builds Microsoft’s Windows Phone. On his way out of the company, CEO Steve Ballmer “initiated a major reorganization, including the Nokia deal, in an attempt to turn Microsoft into a devices and service company.” Perhaps taking a page out of Apple’s book, Microsoft appears to be shaping their brand to include more facets of hardware. Apple develops software, creates hardware and couples them together for a unique user experience. In order to compete, Microsoft released similar products including a Windows Phone and tablet. It looks like the company is trying to make a greater impact on the smartphone market. With IOS and Android platforms rounding out the majority of market share, it might be easier said then done. Since 2006, Microsoft has continued to lose out on the market as Apple and Google continue to eat up the pie.

It remains to be seen how the new CEO of Microsoft will steward and capitalize on the acquisition spearheaded by the exiting Microsoft co-founder and chief Steve Ballmer. Evidently, Mr. Ballmer is hopeful and believes that innovation backed by strategic massive acquisitions can aid Microsoft in catching up in the smartphone sector race.