Cardiovascular Exercise Can Have More Benefits Than You Think

Andrei DutaMany people might think a cardiovascular workout can be quite boring. What if you were told it can not only improve your appearance, but it can boost your brain power, reduce the severity of preexisting conditions, improve your mood, and make a next day workout easier?

According to an article from the LeaderPost, cardiovascular exercise can help you burn calories, which is a healthy way to lose weight thus improving your overall physical appearance. Aside from the common benefits of cardiovascular exercise, it can actually help increase your brain power. During exercise the brain is receiving a number of different chemicals that promote better decision making, improved memory and problem solving.

Cardio can be quite helpful for people who suffer from preexisting conditions like arthritis. The act of swimming can be excellent because it “keeps joints moving while strengthening muscles surrounding those joints.” Studies have also shown that cardiovascular workouts can help lower blood pressure.

Cardiovascular exercise can also improve your mood greatly. When exercising, the chemical serotonin is released to the brain, which can help alleviate feelings of depression and fatigue. Moreover, people who have high anxiety can benefit from cardio exercise as well.

In addition, cardio workouts can help prepare you for subsequent workouts. They deliver “more oxygen rich blood to muscle tissue, aiding in tissue repair and recovery.” This will help your body recover much faster so you can have a more effective workout the next day.

I am a proponent of daily cardiovascular exercises. I strongly recommend swimming in order to receive all the benefits of a cardio workout in a medium that doesn’t tax the joints and the body. I like the fact that swimming can actually be quiet relaxing and peaceful (when not engaged in intense sprints or low-rest interval sessions). The minimum impact in swimming enables me to workout for longer durations. I hope you too will embrace swimming as an effective and fun cardiovascular routine.