Texas A&M Quarterback Reportedly Receives $7,500

Andrei DutaI read a recent article on ESPN that spoke about an incident that was reported about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel receiving $7,500 from a professional autograph broker. For such a young man going into his sophomore year of college football, it would be heart breaking if these incidents were to be true.

Johnny Manziel isn’t anything short of sensational. Last season he won the most prestigious football trophy a college football player can receive in the Heisman Trophy. Normally, football players would receive this award in their junior or seniors years – Manziel won it while he was a freshman. Winning the trophy doesn’t just give you the highest distinction as a college football player, but it also brings all the spotlights, media, and attention.

According to the article, “The broker said he secured so many autographs from Manziel that not all of them had been listed for sale. He stated some had been sold on eBay and some had been passed on to dealers. He also said that Manziel’s friend and personal assistant — Nate Fitch — was not present or involved in the alleged transactions.”

If Johnny Manziel is found guilty of these NCAA violations, he would be deemed ineligible and could miss an entire season of college football. The NCAA doesn’t take these kinds of cases lightly and it would be a shame if Johnny wouldn’t be able to play. For such a young kid with so much talent, this kind of incident could tarnish his name for many years to come and could affect his consideration for NFL teams in the future. Hopefully the report is not true and Johnny will be able to continue his great play with Texas A&M and deliver a long overdue national championship for the Aggies.