Gates Foundation Donates $10 Million To Denver Public Schools

Andrei DutaI came across a recent article in the Denver Post¬†that talks about The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their $10 million dollar grant that they bestowed upon the Denver Public Schools. According to the article, the generous grant will enable “the school district to continue developing initiatives for its teacher effectiveness system known as LEAP, or leading effective academic practice. DPS also will be able to iron out any kinks with the system before the implementation of a state law that requires districts across Colorado to evaluate teachers and principals annually.” The large sum of money will be distributed over a three year period.

The funding of the grant will be used primarily to provide training for school leaders so they can then provide feedback on how teachers can improve in their methods. It will also help with professional development for educators as well as create consistency in evaluation across the board.

I think it is great that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recognizes such a strong need in the United States school systems. To date, the foundation has poured in billions of dollars in addressing this need and it seems that there won’t be any slowing down in the near future. The Foundation understands that kids are the future of America and the world. It is important that they receive the best education possible to ensure a bright and successful future. The Foundation also recognizes that the best education for kids starts from the top down. Having a whole school district on board creates a sense of unity – everyone is working for a common goal. That goal is all based around the simple principal of providing the best education possible to students.