Purpose, Perseverance, Patience: Are You an Oak Tree or an Onion?

acorn-92313-12An oak tree takes almost 100 years to completely mature. On the other hand, an onion takes about 100 days. But when the storm of life hits, one will stand while the other one will be uprooted (and stink too).

Perseverance, patience, and purpose are key ingredients to development.

It starts with an acorn. Protect it. Plant it. Pour life into it. And persevere. Patiently stay the course. Keep eyes fixed on your purpose. This will ensure that a solid and supporting network of roots has been established. It takes a solid foundation to support a strong trunk and a splendid crown. 

Greatness takes time. Be patient. Persevere. Keep your eyes  fixed on your purpose. It is worth it.


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