Promises, Rewards, and the Power of Words

tree rootsRichard Eppel, a new friend and a sagacious man, recently shared with me: “Andrei, the greater the promise that you can make and keep, the greater the reward.” I reflected on his observation and realized its potency and veracity.

Forget under-promising and over-delivering. Or over-promising and under-delivering. How about letting you “yes” be “yes” and “no” be “no”? Do what you say and say what you do. Let your actions be congruent with your words. Let your words be an accurate reflection of your actions.

A few closing remarks. Language is influence. It can move things and people. Or it can stop them. Words are powerful. They can build relationships and trust. Or they can foster a climate of distrust and unravel relationships. Communication is architectonic. Communication can create the space where dreams and hopes and love flourish. Or it can forge dungeons where dreams, hope, and love whither.

Pay attention to your communication. Measure your words. Think them well before speaking or writing them. Monitor your language.  And, finally, don’t be afraid to make promises. Big promises. And keep them. For your reward will be great. The bigger the promise kept, the greater the reward.


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