A Brief Reflection on Gratitude

A Brief Reflection on Gratitude

Last week a friend told me he was keeping a gratitude list. He had recalled so many moments, events, trips, gifts, people and conversations for which he was thankful; he

A Grandfather’s Legacy: Guest Author on Weeva.com

My friend Kim Gorsuch asked me to write a guest post for her website www.weeva.com. I’ve included the first few paragraphs here. There’s a link at the bottom so you

Chicken Whisperer

I went to a farm and chicken just started to fly into my arms. One first and then another. Kidding you not. Either my cologne is a chick magnet or they just knew

What Matters More

Parents and I had a marvelous day yesterday. I surprised mom with a b-day party at a friend’s house here in Austin. Mom cried with joy as she arrived late