The Power of Vision

Having a clear and compelling vision is key to being successful as a person and as a business. On a personal level, having a vision is like having a long-term, overarching goal. It is something to look forward to.

For instance, Steve Jobs had a vision for the personal computer. Before anyone knew the capabilities that a computer could hold, Steve Jobs was already thinking a step ahead. According to Rob Campbell, CEO of Voalte, a wireless software provider, Steve Job’s vision is what separated him from other high tech pioneers.

He realized that the computer was going to revolutionize the world. Steve painted a unique picture that it would change the way people worked, educated, and entertained themselves.

But he didn’t just think about it, he acted on it. It was his mission in life to provide new technology that would help people live their daily lives in new creative and enriched ways. Steve wanted to make a difference, and his vision drove him to impact the world in meaningful ways.

For companies, a vision functions like a long-term, all-encompassing mission statement. A vision articulates the purpose of why companies exist, and it guides, constrains, regulates, and enables their actions. An organizational vision is the corporate overarching goal that everyone can rally behind.

A well articulated and inspired vision, micro-level personal or macro-level organizational, is a powerful engine that drives one forward and upward through thick and thin.

It is important to remind yourself often, if not daily, of your vision for the future. Write it down in a notebook or, even better, post it on a wall in your room. Having a roadmap in life is important to how you function each day. Your inspired vision, when nurtured and entertained daily, will shape your very destiny!