Some of America’s Biggest Philanthropists

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has donated nearly $40 billion to various world organizations over the years. The foundation seeks to “support initiatives in education, world health and population and community giving in the Pacific Northwest.” The foundation was started back in 1997.

Mark Zuckerberg was recently dubbed America’s biggest philanthropist for 2013 after he and his wife gave $990 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The year before, Mark and his wife were the second biggest charitable donors after giving half a billion dollars to the same foundation.

Mark’s first big donation in the philanthropy space came back in 2010 when he put forth $100 million to public schools in Newark, New Jersey. Even though Mark is currently worth around $12 billion dollars, it is still remarkable to see his generosity in action. At a young age, he is setting a precedent for future philanthropists to follow.

In the final analysis, it isn’t all about making the money. Often, it is about the giving that’s even more important. Both, Mark and Bill seem to have mastered both sides of the coin. Greatly creative and professionally successful, the two tech titans are also quite generous.

Whether their stocks are up or down, they continue to give back abundantly for the betterment of society. Bill and Mark are true visionaries and champions, not only in a technological sense, but also, and especially, in the philanthropic way.