Great Article

Great Article

I found this great article and couldn’t help but share. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2013/11/07/why-the-popes-embrace-of-the-disfigured-man-is-so-powerful/  

Redefining Philanthropy

In one decade, John Arnold accumulated a fortune of 4 billion dollars. Introverted, and mild-mannered, few people would guess he is a former Wall Street hedge fund titan. Ever since

Put Away Your Smartphones and Take a Minute to Think

Scientists claim that our brains work in two ways: involuntary controls and thinking. Involuntary controls are the emotions, perceptions, and intuitions that motivate us to believe certain things and act

Andrei Duta on Calorie Restriction

Caloric Restriction (CR) is a dietary regime based on healthy but reduced calorie intake. It is about eating less, while still getting adequate levels of essential nutrients (i.e. proteins, minerals,