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Alta Mensa
Andrei Duta | 28 January

Dr. Andrei Duta has recently founded Alta Mensa, an Austin-based think tank that examines the strategic intersections between:  (1) Investments/Markets (2) Politics/Global Affairs

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A girl running on a treadmill.
Health & Fitness
Andrei Duta | 22 February

Many individuals, especially business leaders, lead busy and fast-paced lives. Some hard-working business owners and professionals believe that they have little time, if

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A chessboard with dark and light chess pieces on it.
“Strategy” in One Sentence
Justin Stephens | 15 February

Strategy is the art and science of winning. The word “strategy” comes from the Greek “strategos” which describes the military

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A notepad with a pen on top of it, and a black coffee cup in the background.
A Brief Reflection on Gratitude
Justin Stephens | 6 February

Last week a friend told me he was keeping a gratitude list. He had recalled so many moments, events, trips,

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A chalkboard with the year 2016 written on it.
New Year’s Resolutions: How to Keep Them
Justin Stephens | 6 February

It’s the beginning of the year, a time of self-reflection and improvement. Maybe you want to learn a new skill,

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A scenic, forest landscape of evergreen trees laden with winter snow.
Opportunity Is “Evergreen”
Justin Stephens | 4 February

It’s Christmas Eve. By now, if you celebrate Christmas, you’ve sent out party invitations, decorated your home, hung the lights,

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Servant Leadership and Friends of Peter
Andrei Duta | 18 September
Servant Leadership and Friends of PeterFriends of Peter (FOP) is a gathering of unique and beautiful individuals with eclectic skills
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